The University of Guelph is one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities offering a broad range of academic options. With 12 degree programs focusing in sciences, engineering, business and arts, and 85 majors within them, we give students great flexibility. U of G welcomes students from over 100 countries, who often commend the institution’s learning and living environments, high-caliber and accessible faculty. We value experiential learning where students have access to co-op programs, internships and also various opportunities to volunteer in one of the most strong-knit university communities in Canada.

Located an hour from Toronto, Guelph is characterized by parks, shops, coffee houses, and restaurants, all within walking distance of the University.

We Improve Life by focusing on the whole person to shape better citizens of the world. This concept is central to why students choose U of G. What you learn here academically will prepare you to explore fulfilling careers regardless of the path you choose. Inclusivity, global awareness, mindfulness, community, resilience; these are the qualities we nurture and celebrate from the day you arrive through your life as alumni.


Over 26,000 students learn at the University of Guelph every year. More than 800 faculty teach, research and collaborate with students, here. More than 1,800 research projects to improve life in a variety of capacities are currently underway.

Yet what the numbers don’t capture is how we live while we’re here and after we leave. Our students, faculty and staff are engaged. They are passionate about being here. We are equally passionate about educating the whole person to shape better citizens of the world.

That has been our focus for over 150 years: life, living, always improving.


At U of G, we give you choices and flexibility. With an outstanding variety of specializations, we’ll help you find your path. Select a major, add a minor, add electives to sample unique or related paths, mix in out-of-class experiences, and tailor your degree to your dreams as you go. It’s your choice that matters. Top programs for international students include:


– Agriculture
– Bio-Medical Science
– Business
– Computer Science
– Engineering
– Food Science

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Undergraduate Programs

Tuition and fees: $24,300 – $33,551 (CAD)

Total Cost (including living expenses): $39,771 – $53,825 (CAD)

Scholarships: $5,500 – $8,500 (CAD)

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Download the fact sheet above to see details of all the requirements and components of the application. Upon receipt of your application, Admission Services will provide you with a WebAdvisor account. This online account allows you to monitor the status of your application and check if we require any additional documents from you.

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