Parents helping Parents

Founded by one of our consortium partner parents, the International Parent Coaching Program (IPCP) provides free parent-to-parent support and guidance for IKC families.

  • What will my child eat?
  • How do I deal with “empty nest syndrome”?
  • Should we send them for undergraduate or wait until postgraduate?
  • How do we find other families going to study abroad?
  • Get your questions and concerns addressed down to the smallest detail
  • Connect with other parents who have been through and/or are currently going through the process of sending their child(ren) for study abroad
  • Never be charged for any of our student advising and counseling services
  • Join WhatsApp parent group
  • Address fears & anxiety
  • Make plans & preparations
  • Celebrate admission, scholarship awards, and visa confirmations
  • Travel with other families to settle your child in the U.S.

Meet the Founding IKC Parent Coaches

beena-and-sunil2Beena and Sunil Gurdasani

After sending their two daughters to the U.S. for undergraduate studies, Beena and Sunil were approached by friends and their friends for advice from a parent’s perspective. Some questions are best answered by a university representative, but there are also questions that only another mother or father can understand.

“College is the pinnacle of education and the beginning of a child’s career. Every step is crucial and every decisions matters.” – Beena

Read Beena’s blog Journeys and Reflections

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