Hello! And welcome to this blog. As I chronicle my journey as a college counselor, I’d like to invite you, dear reader, to take this journey with me.

In my first month at the International Knowledge Center, I’ve had some great opportunities to interact with students as part of our outreach program with schools and colleges. Getting to know these students and interact with them has been the best part of the job so far!

I visited the Legacy School in Bangalore on the 16th of September for their Art Fest “Chiaroscuro” and spoke to students about various universities that offer a multitude of options to study interdisciplinary courses that combine art, design, and technology. During my research I came across some great universities that are offering students the right kind of courses to create their dream careers in the 21st century.

As a recent graduate, I understand the pressure on students to choose the right university, and more so when choosing a university abroad simply because of the time, energy and resources involved. Which is where it becomes so much more important for us as counselors, to make sure we equip our students with the right amount of knowledge and information to help them choose that “dream university” that will be a right fit for them.

So far in my experience, I’ve come to understand that no question is big or small. Whether you’re unsure of where to begin, or simply want to understand the process better there’s nothing that we as counselors consider irrelevant. It’s absolutely alright if you haven’t started working on your applications or feel overwhelmed in the beginning. Choosing what to do in this early stage is a complicated choice to be making, a choice that involves several factors to be taken into consideration.

As a first time counselor, I sometimes suddenly wake up to the realization that I am potentially responsible for guiding a student through this complicated maze. This month has been all about understanding how best to tackle some of these questions with new questions cropping up all the time.

The biggest motivator has been some of the students that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Their level of commitment to their dreams is inspirational and a joy to experience. There was a student that I met who dreams of being a visual designer in the field of spatial design. Spatial Design is not something I am familiar with or have come across too often, and when I actually started researching this field, I realized how much potential it has. This is only one among the many stories I’ll have the honor of being a part of and I’m excited to see all the stories take shape and unfold.

Love and Light Always!
Charu Mittal