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Here’s what you can expect from your Gen Next experience:

Personal, one-on-one help with program and university selection

Our staff will work with you to identify the most appropriate program and university that best suits your educational goals. Being the direct representative for our partner institutions, we are intimately knowledgeable about the programs available and therefore will be able to provide you with detailed information.

Comparative analysis of available programs, costs, admissions requirements etc.

Once we help you pare down the programs/universities that meet your criteria, our staff will compare and contrast the program, costs, admissions criteria, test requirements, geographic locations, and all other pros and cons of each university. This will help you further determine which program/university to apply to.

A personalized timeline from application to pre-departure orientation

After you have selected the universities to apply to, our staff will create a personalized timeline – from application to departure – so you have a clear idea on when to apply, what tests to take, what supporting material to produce, when you can expect responses and most importantly, prepare for the visa interview and departure.

Guidance on necessary admissions tests

Most universities will require that you take some tests to support your application -tests such as TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT etc. Based on the program/university that you’re applying to, our staff will help determine which of these tests are necessary and help you plan for the same. We will even refer you to local test prep centers to help you prepare for such tests.

Assistance with application submission

One of the most important steps in the process to study overseas is your application. Our staff will help you ensure that your application is complete and that all necessary documentation is included before you mail your application. This will ensure that your application gets immediate and complete attention from the university and that the process isn’t delayed due to incomplete information.

Constant communication with university to manage your application process

Since we are the overseas office for our partner institutions, we are constantly in touch with the admissions staff on campus. This open communication platform allows us to stay on top of the application review and decision process. We will track the progress of your application constantly and keep you notified of any changes/updates.

After acceptance, assistance with preparation for visa interview

Once you receive your admission acceptance from a university of your choice, the next most important step is to schedule and prepare for the visa interview. Our staff will help you prepare your visa paperwork and guide you through the visa interview process.

Pre-departure orientation to prepare you for the transition

Students receive a comprehensive pre-departure orientation which include helpful information to consider before, during and after their transition overseas.

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