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What is The International Knowledge Center?

The International Knowledge Center or IKC is the official representative office for US colleges and universities who are interested in engaging the Indian higher education ecosystem, from recruiting students to their home campus to developing global academic programs to creating study abroad programs for their students etc.

Are you an agent or a consultant?

No, we are neither an agent or a consultant. We are the official representatives for our partner institutions in India and function as their India office.

How much do you charge students for your services?

Zero, Zilch, Nada. We do not charge students any money for our services. We assist students from program/university selection to a pre-departure orientation, all at no-cost to you or your families.

How much commission do you charge the university when my student enrolls?

Again, zero. We do not believe in an incentive based recruiting system for obvious reasons. Therefore, our staff has no monetary incentive to “push” your son or daughter to any one university. Our goal is to make sure that he/she finds the “right-fit” college or university.

So how do you make money as a company?

We are a consortium of foreign universities and our partner institutions pay an annual partnership fee to be represented by the IKC.

Why do colleges/universities need the IKC?

Well, given the complexities of operating in a foreign country, be it to recruit students or to create programs, colleges/universities cannot be successful if they are not constantly engaging the various constituents. And one or two trips a year does not provide consistency.

From a recruiting perspective, using commission based agents/consultants etc, is fraught with problems and also poses ethical dilemmas.

In short, having an overseas office is the best way to be present in India and the IKC provides them with an innovative, efficient and cost-effective alternative to opening their own office.

Does your staff have overseas experience?

Absolutely yes. All of our staff who are involved in couseling students have studied and worked in the US. As a matter of fact, our founder is himself a Bangalorean who went to the US to study in 1992.

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