The journey with a Difference

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Parent Coach – The journey with a Difference !


Whenever I am asked about this journey – how  the entire experience has been as a “Parent Coach” – guiding parents & children as they take baby steps towards their dream careers and brighter tomorrow – The question sets me thinking, the pause makes me wonder and before I reply – I SMILE !

Frankly speaking, if I say it myself it will be little embarrassing but I would mildly put it as – It feels that life is being put to GOOD USE. For me this is the REAL purpose of Life. Every moment of this journey has been awesome and with every moment experienced – I feel closer to my purpose.

My treasure of memories is overflowing with all the lovely pictures of families who went in late August to USA to settle their children. Every emotion shared through the pictures makes me feel Good about myself.

Both parents & children seem to be equally excited and confident of their tomorrow. This is exactly how I had visualized the end when I started this journey.

Now when the children are well settled in their respective universities and parents are back  – Can I say that the role of a Parent Coach ends here…is the journey over?

No, is my humble answer.

When we are dealing with lives – the process is bound to be never ending. There is no finish line – we are not dealing with products – we are dealings with personalities. I am still connected to all the parents & children. They are my friends for life.


My role as a “Parent Coach” is a never ending process – it is an endless journey – simply because we are changing lives and lives are always looking for a change – and CHANGE is the only thing that is Constant.

Thank you LIFE for this fabulous opportunity to make a Difference & Touch a Life !!!

Parent Coach – Touching a Life – The Best Journey

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Catch 22 situations – Like the fork on the road holds us back

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Catch 22 situations – Have you ever faced them???

If you say NO – Think twice – For such scenarios always surprise us when least expected.

Catch 22 situations– Like the fork on the road force us to think and rethink on the roads that lay ahead of us.

When we find ourselves at a fork – it is more or less like a catch 22 situation – leaves us confused and if given a choice – we would prefer to travel both and you will agree with me that this is like building a castle in the air. It is at this very point that we need to stop putting any extra efforts on this impossible feat and get realistic with the answer that we have to choose one of the either. This settlement of the mind makes things much easier to handle in future.

Typical catch 22 situation:

  • I want to send my child to America for a bright future but I can’t imagine myself not seeing him/her every day .
  • I am looking at seeing my child’s dream come true and I am willing to do whatever it takes but what about the family business that was started keeping him in mind.
  • I know my child is confident and smart but I am not sure if he can live by himself all alone in USA.

Many similar Catch 22 situations block our minds.

We feel helpless and disheartened – It is in such times we secretly wish for the RIGHT answers that can help us arrive at the RIGHT decision.

Through this little initiative of penning down my reflections of my journey as a Parent Coach we wish to connect with many more parents who are looking forward to sending their children to USA to live the life of their DREAMS.


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Parents helping Parents

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Parents helping Parents

IPCP – New phase in the journey of life. “Parent Coach” – An idea once in my THOUGHTS – seems to have taken a MOMENTUM – Let the journey begin…

Smiles & Satisfactions on the faces of parents & children are now within REACH. Every parent deserves the BEST when it comes to this beautiful Bond between parents & Children. And this is the THOUGHT behind this new adventure to life.

“Bottle your wisdom and energy and share it with the world!” 

A beautiful suggestion by a friend – sparked the idea in my mind.Theseeds of this journey were sowed long ago – may be some day I can share that little connect of life – But for the time being and to put it in short for the readers who would like to know how it all began – I would like to say that we (my husband and I) wanted to do something that would help parents who are looking at sending their children to USA to pursue their dream careers. The process of sending children to USA can sometimes get stressful and at times rip us apart.

We wanted to reach out to such families – connect together and help more and more families and children to enjoy the process.

Sending not just one but two daughters – we can kind of relate to such journeys that every parent undertakes. The destination, though when reaches – satisfies us – but if the journey is stressful – chances are that most of us might give up half way. This leads to unnecessary guilt & frustration.

For both Sunil & myself , the journey and Destination – both are equally important. When the journeys are relaxed and satisfactory, reaching the Destination is then definitely bound to bring with itself an enormous amount of peace and fulfillment.

The sole purpose of the IPCP (International Parent Coaching Program) is to offer support and guidance to many more families and children to enjoy the admission process.

The joy and satisfaction of this journey is of utmost importance and must be Experienced and Cherished by all.

With this purpose in mind – we bring to you all the DOTS in the journey of our life. The DOTS are within our reach – We just need to connect them.

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The Importance of a Counselor

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Dear Counselors, Teachers and Principals,

Now, is the best time for you to counsel your students to start their college search to study in the USA. With the rising number of college applications flowing into the university admissions office, you should know your important roles in the application process. According to Professor Ernesto Guerrero, Academic Counselor at University of California- Los Angeles (UCLA), who has read 1400 college applications per year at UCLA emphasizes that a college counselor has the following crucial roles to play:

  • Guide students to maximize every part of the application, specifically the section on extra-curricular activities
  • Expose your students to as many US universities and colleges as possible

Here are a few suggestions as to how you can do the aforementioned points.

Tackling the extra-curricular activities of the student

  • Students tend to be unaware of their strengths and accomplishments. In addition, they do not have enough experience to learn how to market themselves. You as a counselor, can encourage students to create a resume or a list of accomplishments of what they have achieved in their academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular work since their 9th In addition, they should include information on any of their leadership roles. The students should feel free to include any time of community service, internship or shadowing that they might have completed.
  • The students can leverage their profile by expressing their accomplishments through action words. Here is a link that gives you a list of action words that easily help describe a particular task. You can share the following with your students as you go through this exercise with them.
  • I encourage you to conduct workshops on resume-building as well.

US University Visits and Workshops

There are 4300 universities in the US, out of which if your student decides to choose a university from the top 250, she would be graduating from the top 6% of the universities in the nation. That being said, please keep an open mind and expose your students to as many colleges as you can. In US university selection, it is not about finding the perfect university but it is about finding the most ideal university for the student. Professor Guerrero mentions that an average student has about 20 to 30 universities that could be a good fit for them. As a counselor, you can guide these students and their parents as they find the ideal university for themselves.

  • Sign up as a counselor on the university website (popular universities among your students). In this way , you will be able to receive periodic newsletters and information about events that the university is conducting in your city.
  • Take advantage of the campus e-tours that many universities provide through their website
  • You can assign your student office bearers to do a university feature in your school magazine or newsletter. In this way, your students will be exposed to different universities and their program offerings

May is the perfect time for you to initiate the aforementioned activities with your 11th and 12th standard students. If you need more creative ideas to play your crucial role as a counselor, The IKC will be more than happy to help. Don’t forget to email us at or call us at 080-41234927 if you have any questions or need any support in helping your students through a success college planning process.

IKC Services

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Greetings from Bangalore! I, Minnu Paul, Head of Counseling and Student Services at The IKC want to take this opportunity to introduce The International Knowledge Center (IKC), the India office for a consortium of accredited US universities created to bring more international education opportunities to India.  Our primary area of focus is to offer free, unbiased advice and a one-stop solution to students and families who are exploring overseas study options. Since 2011, we have worked with 1000s of students and over 150 high schools such as Woodstock School, Delhi Public Schools and Loreto Convent all over India to provide free workshops to 11th and 12th standard students.

I went to the US, with a full merit-based scholarship worth 50,000 USD to pursue my Bachelor’s degree. In addition, I have received my education on college counseling from University of California- UCLA . As a counselor at The IKC, I have utilized my study abroad experience to offer free comprehensive premier college counseling to 9th through 12th standard students.  We offer insights into unconventional careers, programs and degrees available to study at the US universities, selecting the right universities, the application process, research, internship and scholarship opportunities etc.  95% of our counselees have been admitted into their top choice universities. In addition, 80% of the students have received merit-based scholarship and every year we have a star student that receives a full-tuition scholarship from the top choice university.

Please view the list of some of the universities where our students have been admitted:

George Washington University University of California- Los Angeles (UC-LA)
Gustavus Adolphus College University of Iowa
Indiana University University of Michigan- Ann Arbor
Indiana University and Purdue University in Indianapolis (IUPUI) University of Minnesota
John Hopkins University University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Kansas State University University of St. Thomas
Michigan State University University of Warwick, UK
New York University University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
Northeastern University University of Wisconsin-Madison
Purdue University Worchester Polytechnic Institute
Rochester Institute of Technology University of Texas- Austin
Rutgers University University of Texas- Dallas
State University of New York- Buffalo (SUNY-Buffalo) University of Texas- A&M
University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
University of California- Davis (UC- Davis) Boston University

If your school does not have a college counseling practice at your school, then we strongly encourage you to utilize us to answer any questions on studying abroad and guide your students through college planning process. We believe that our counseling practice will help your institution to create a strong support for your students who want to study abroad. Please email me at or call me at 9886243336/080-41234937 and we can set up a process to help your students realize their dreams!

Revisiting Myself: A Year Later |Nikin Tharan|

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“The land of the free, the home of the brave, where opportunities lie and dreams are fulfilled”

American Dream


My name is Nikin Tharan and I was born and educated in India. I would like to start-off by saying that applying to American universities was a crazy process and I am extremely thankful to the IKC for providing me their invaluable assistance in the matter. I am currently a sophomore at Northeastern University, Boston. I consider myself lucky and truly humbled to be a part of the University Scholars Program at Northeastern. This program entitles me to a full-tuition merit-based scholarship and perks like study abroad programs, Clambake, harbor cruises, haunted-house visits, skiing trips and leadership retreats in a forest around campfires.


We all know that the education system in India heavily rewards knowledge and stifles creativity. Having been brought up in that system, I find the academics at Northeastern, which stirs creativity and originality, somewhat challenging. Growing up in a highly competitive environment taught me to be adaptive, to constantly change oneself with differing circumstances and flourish.  I observe, analyze, absorb, assimilate and act.


During my first semester, I was exposed to various engineering courses as part of an introduction to engineering course and initially decided to major in Electrical Engineering. Why? I fell in love with electronics when I was in third grade. My nascent mind wanted answers to questions regarding the working of everyday objects like lights, the television, radios etc. I have been learning electronics ever since and doing engineering-level projects for the past five years. I hope to enhance my knowledge of electronics while at Northeastern and in pursuit of that goal, I am currently participating in undergraduate research in embedded systems (Data Distribution Service).


But being in a conductive environment around Boston led me to master new skills, namely web and app development. I worked on small projects for companies around Boston and a political party in Tamil Nadu, India. I gradually became good at what I did and attended the MIT-Harvard hackathon on iCorruption in March earlier this year. I built a website for the Academic Independence Project in one night and this helped me land a job at Harvard Law School, where I still work. My coding escapade convinced me to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering too. At the beginning of my sophomore year, I was seamlessly able to change my major from Electrical Engineering to a dual degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


I have only been treated with the utmost respect and kindness in the United States. I was spurred to volunteer for a local non-profit in Boston to try to repay my debt to the country. Thus, I became involved with United South End Settlements Boston and worked there throughout my freshman year conducting an impact assessment of their programs.


I believe life is a continuous process of learning. When I arrived in the United States a year ago, I kept my mind open and immersed myself in the melting pot of many cultures and beliefs. I listened to the stories of people and their ancestors. I deeply thought about how taking a risk and luck helped countless people to succeed and opened new avenues for others, eventually helping to create one of the greatest countries on earth. The global education program is a means for me to know more about the world and get greater insight into our civilization. I shall strive to learn; every day; forever.