Gen Next Education, Inc. is a representative office for accredited, international universities interested in engaging the Indian Higher Education ecosystem.

We believe that it is becoming increasingly important to have a set of skills and competencies that will make you a global citizen. And getting an international education is an excellent way to prepare you to function effectively in this global economy. Whether you spend a few weeks or several years studying abroad, the experience will change you and the way you think.

In this increasingly global economy, we believe that every student should have a global experience. So we are focused on providing students various opportunities to get a global experience as part of their academic career – whether it is a 4 week program or a 4 year degree.

Students interested in exploring an overseas academic experience, especially a degree program abroad, are inundated with information, most of which lacks clarity or reliability. In addition, the application process is complicated and students are left to navigate the process without much help.  

We created the Center for Global Education to alleviate such challenges for students and their families. We provide direct and accurate information from our partner institutions so that students can make informed decisions regarding their academic future.

Our counseling staff provide quality and consistent information and help the student right from program/university selection to a pre-departure orientation. This ensures that the student is well prepared to make the transition to college life abroad.

Unlike overseas consultants and agents who either charge the student a fee to help them or charge universities a commission for every student they send (and in some cases, both), all of the services we provided are free of cost to the students.

Moreover, the partner institutions do not pay us a commission for every enrolled students but rather invest in us to establish their “liaison office” in India. This also ensures that the staff has no monetary incentive to “push” a student to a particular institution.

Let us help you gain a competitive advantage of a global academic experience!